Natural stone jewellery: the expression of precious nature in its raw state

Used as a centerpiece for making gold or silver bracelets, necklaces or even earrings, natural stones are highly adored in the jewelery industry for their rare beauty and the uniqueness they instill. to jewelry. Timeless accessories with strong symbolism, natural stone jewelery is on the rise in the fashion world. Overview of these naturally shimmering nuggets that adorn our jewelry.

Natural stone jewellery: the expression of precious nature in its raw state

Natural stone jewellery: a chic and timeless “gri-gri” on the way to becoming a must-have jewellery?

Appreciated both for the energies they release and for their exceptional aesthetics, natural stones have been able to gain ground to become a trend in their own right. Elevated to the rank of summer accessory at the height of fashion for the past few seasons, natural stone jewelry floods the wrists, ankles and necks of fashionable girls, mixing the beauty of natural stones and their mystical force. Like an ode to a return to nature, natural stone jewelry blows a summer scent on our jewelry boxes, all year round.

A symbol of safe haven values linked to the emotional, the personal and an accessory representing a milestone in a life, a piece of jewelery set with a semi-precious, precious or ornamental stone plays the role of a lucky ally in life. and protector, and that's what we particularly appreciate about him. Worn as a pendant around the neck or as earrings to enhance your neckline, as a ring or bracelet to adorn your hands, natural stone jewelery tells a story that we carry with us every day.

Distinguished by the richness of their shades and their thousand and one reflections, natural stone jewelry accumulates ad infinitum for a skilful blend of tints with optical effects that are more fascinating than each other. You can, for example, easily combine acid green and bluish green for a very happy alliance or bet on mineral greens and natural tones, ranging from brown to ocher via beige, for a most harmonious combo. .

Min&ral jewelery creations: the alliance of raw and precious

Precious stones, fine or ornamental stones… Combining the preciousness of 18-carat gold with the raw beauty of natural minerals, all Min&ral jewelry is set with natural 100% stones.

Carefully selected and refined for their quality, their rarity and their particular specificities, min&ral jewelry geodes know how to be appreciated for their exclusive and unique character. Cut and polished by the hand of man, the natural mineral stones are delicately set on recycled gold, without undergoing any artificial treatment.

Available in a wide palette of shades, each gem embodies its history, has its own variations of shades, reflections and effects. Mediterranean universe of the Bestouan line, elegant divinity of the Céleste line, perpetual motion with the Sphere line or even iconic link symbol of the Ampersand collection; so many inspirations and eclectic universes giving life to timeless creations, designed to naturally become one with your skin in all circumstances.

SPECIAL MENTION for the Bestouan Line

With the arrival of the beautiful season and the hope of finding a “free” summer, the desire to wear vitamin-packed charms evoking freedom and the sweetness of life is becoming urgent!

A true invitation to a Mediterranean getaway, the latest additions to the Bestouan collection celebrate a warm, delicate, summery chic that we all hurry to find again. Whether you fall for the pastel softness of the Chalcedony ring, the profound elegance of the Lapis-Lazuli earrings, or the pepsy freshness of the Chrysoprase cord bracelet; be ready to welcome the beautiful season in the most chic way by wearing these creations that will make you take on pretty colors 🌞

Much more than a trend or even an accessory: an authentic and symbolic jewel, bearer of memories and rich in stories, accompanying us day after day… This is the very essence of natural stone jewellery. So, ready to get your hands on the chosen one who will become your favorite treasure?