since 1892
we have been looking ahead

Création Joaillerie Marseille

“In 1892, my ancestor Fernand Clarency establish a gold counter in Marseille. For 30 years, he developed his business and transmitted it to his daughter and son in law: Aimé Mandine. The family company developed itself in this way and evoluted towards a jewel’s creation activity.

After different experiences, I decided to join my father in the family company to retake the beacon alongside my spouse, Julie.

Today, the Maison Mandine is still rooted in Provence. We elaborate the designs and concepts in close collaboration with big French jewellery network. The Mandine jewels are appreciated for their aesthetic and production quality but as they are “no name”, they cannot be recognized.

In continuation of the family society, we both dreamed about big projects such as the creation of a brand. In 2018, it is with a great joy that we launched our brand, min&ral joaillerie: a brand with values, oscillating between brut and precious”.

Anthony Berard, Mandine society director (6th generation), Jewellery Marseille and co-founder of the min&ral joaillerie brand.