white stone jewelry

White: light on “the color of angels”

Among all the varieties of semi-precious stones, there are different types of white colored elements; snow quartz, magnesite, howlite, Dalmatian jasper, moonstone, etc. Opaque, translucent or adorned with shimmering reflections, white stone is often sought after in jewelry for its luminous shade with pronounced brilliance.

Representing peace and light, white stones are also very famous in lithotherapy for their virtues and properties, both mentally and physically. Symbol of purity, they purify the body and soothe the mind, ridding the body of its toxic and harmful energies.

On the psychic level, the stone would favor the management and the appeasement of emotions, allowing to show patience, to better concentrate, and even to indulge in meditation. Closely linked to the moon by their color, these stones would bring clairvoyance and spirituality to those who wear them. According to the statements of lithotherapists, they would shed light on the doubts, blockages and difficulties of daily life to better enlighten us on the path to follow.

Jewels with an ethereal sweetness 

The Moonstone, celestial divinity

Particularly prized for its adularescence and luminous reflections, the moon stone features a natural shimmer beneath its surface. According to lithotherapy, this gemstone inspires serenity, confidence and harmony, promotes sleep and rebalances male and female energies. Symbol of happiness for many, the famous Moonstone would help people to breathe sweetness into their lives and couples to find a better understanding.

At Mineral Joaillerie, you will find the shimmering shade of White moonstone in the Bestouan collection. Delicately affixed to its recycled 18-carat 100% gold wire, find it on our Bestouan Pierre de Lune blanc cord or on the Bestouan Pierre de Lune blanc ring.

Carrara Marble, a symbol of clarity

Symbol of purification, this immaculate white gem would bring serenity and clairvoyance to the woman who wears it, accompanying her in decision-making and change. Long coveted in architecture and design for its luxurious material, limestone rock is now experiencing a resounding success in jewellery.

At min&ral joaillerie, you will find the modernity and refined style of Carrara marble with the Céleste marble medallion through the Céleste line with its voluptuous inspirations.

La Nacre Blanche, skin-deep femininity

Praised for its milky color, its delicacy and its iridescent aspects, white mother-of-pearl represents protection and softness in lithotherapy. Very famous in jewelry, it is found on all types of jewelry: necklaces, rings, bracelets, medals, pendants, gold or silver earrings...

At mineral joaillerie, you will find white mother-of-pearl jewelry from our Les Précieuses line. It radiantly illuminates our Sun and Pi medallions to subtly adorn your chains.

Between positive waves and incomparable luminosity, these refined creations will bring a resolutely elegant and minimalist touch of radiance to each of your outfits. You have carte blanche to choose the one that will brighten up your daily life...

Borrowed from nature, the palette of shades of natural min&ral jewelry stones is wide: from deep blue dressed in golden sparkles to pastel blue adorned with crystalline reflections, passing through the matte black or even the mineral greens… Discover them and choose which stone will make you take color!

White mother-of-pearl padlock medallion
Céleste Carrara marble bracelet
White Moonstone Pebble Medal