Mother-of-pearl jewelry


Appreciated for its naturally iridescent reflections, mother-of-pearl comes from a natural organic phenomenon. It is produced by molluscs, thus coating the inner part of their shell. From this natural phenomenon, it takes its English name " Mother of Pearl which reflects its organic origin linked to the shells of crustaceans.

Mother-of-pearl is said to have been used as an ornament for more than 3000 years before Jesus Christ. After Queen Elizabeth I gave it the name "Mother of Pearl" in the 15th century, mother-of-pearl experienced real success and a strong increase in its demand for use in jewelry making. 


Mother-of-pearl stone is mainly made up of crystals of aragonite, calcium and carbon. White mother-of-pearl is the most popular. It is very coveted for its milky color, its delicacy and its iridescent aspects. It is mainly found in Australia. Gray mother-of-pearl is also recognized for the harmony of its iridescent shades in gray colours. This then comes from French Polynesia. 


Very popular for decorative and marquetry objects, mother-of-pearl has become very popular for making jewelry in gold, silver or brass. Symbol of femininity, softness and protection, it is found on all types of jewelry: necklaces, rings, bracelets, medals, pendants, earrings...

When a foreign element invites itself inside its shell, the mollusc envelops it in mother-of-pearl, layer after layer, in order to limit the irritating effect of the foreign body and to protect itself from it. This phenomenon thus gives rise to pearls, so widely used in jewelry.

Striving to make a sharp and refined selection - to offer only exclusive and quality stones - min&ral joaillerie is oriented with fishing returns, in order to choose the shells directly from the "keep baskets" (baskets without handles) of the Thai fishermen in which they are stored.

This technique then differs from the purchase of pre-cut mother-of-pearl, intended for the manufacture of jewellery, very widespread in jewelery and jewellery.

At mineral joaillerie, find a jewel in white mother-of-pearl and gray mother-of-pearl in our line The Precious. They illuminate our medals SunPi and Sea urchin, dressing your chains in all subtlety.


Organic in nature and characterized by a low hardness, mother-of-pearl is very sensitive and shows a certain fragility. It is important to maintain it with care. It is necessary to avoid exposing it to shocks with other minerals, chemicals and high heat. It could get scratched or damaged. The perfume can also be the cause of an inconvenience of the mother-of-pearl. To clean it, use a damp cloth.

White mother-of-pearl sun gold medal
Women's yellow gold gray mother-of-pearl sea urchin medallion
Medal in mother-of-pearl and gold for women