• mineral ethical jewelry is committed

“Choosing a min&ral jewelry item is choosing an ethical and sustainable approach. Our jewels embody our commitments since they are fashioned in RJC-Coc labeled gold and adorned with natural 100% stones.”

Anthony Berard, co-founder of mineral jewelry.

Gold RJC-Coc mineral jewelery

RJC-Coc labeled gold

Of 100% recycled gold, traceable and whose production respects ethical and responsible practices.

You should know that gold mining is a polluting activity. Today, there is enough gold mined in the world to be able to satisfy global demand. We have no need to extract more. This is why we have chosen to use only recycled gold for our min&ral jewelery creations.

Natural stones mineral jewelery

Natural 100% stones

All our jewels are set with natural stones or having undergone a traditional treatment, that is to say, that the man has only cut and polished. There may therefore be color variations from one stone to another, because they are all unique.

Namely: only 1% of the stones sold in France are natural.

Philanthropy mineral jewelry

Philanthropy and environment

Two fundamental elements have always been at the heart of our concerns: Man and the Earth.

In order to support these philanthropic and environmental causes, min&ral joaillerie has seen the birth, over time, of several meaningful projects.

In 2019, min&ral joaillerie joined forces with The Karen Hilltribes Trust (KHT), an organization whose mission is to promote access to drinking water and education for populations in remote regions of Thailand. A first collaboration dear to min&ral joaillerie.

In 2020, our partnership with KHT continues and leads us to create new collaborations supporting two fundamental causes for min&ral joaillerie: women and the environment.

October 2020, we decide to engage with the Ruban Rose association by donating 10% of the total amount of our sales made in October, as part of Pink October.

In parallel, over the same period, our partnership with the MerTerre association is being built through the Calanques Propres event: a day dedicated to waste collection on the Mediterranean coast.

Pink October - mineral jewelry and pink ribbon
partnership Mineral Joaillerie Karen hilltribes trust