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natural stone bracelet

Precious nature at your fingertips

Necklace, pendant, earring or natural stone ring, natural gems have met with great success in jewelery in recent years.

Timeless of our jewelry boxes, the bracelet combines with the power of natural stones at min&ral joaillerie, which can be found sometimes affixed to a lurex or nylon thread with our cord bracelets among the Ampersand and Bestouan lines, sometimes on a gold chain through the Eclipse lines and Celeste.

The bracelet in natural stone and 18 carat gold: an expression of precious refinement

Symbol of union and complementarity, you will find the Eclipse Diamonds bracelet, oscillating between the protective virtues of Onyx and the bewitching charm of Lapis-Lazuli.

Sporting an airy and voluptuous design, the Céleste bracelet reflects the natural shimmer of moonstone, the elegant opacity of onyx, the softness of amazonite and the immaculate shine of Carrara marble.

the bracelet Bestouan Sunset highlights the adventurinescence of the Sunset stone; one of its optical properties revealing small sparkling inclusions formed by tiny metallic flakes. To bring a touch of freshness and softness to your outfit, you can bet on the Bestouan Amazonite gold bracelet.