Lapis Lazuli jewelry

Lapis lazuli, between East and West

The Mesopotamians already adorned their homes and jewelry with this intense blue stone several thousand years ago, displaying a pale or dark glow depending on the origin. The pharaohs also made amulets and jewelry in lapis lazuli, to which they readily attributed magical powers. Brought back by the caravans of merchants from the distant lands of the Orient and the high valleys of Afghanistan, it was worn in Europe by rich lords and noble ladies. Its name itself bears this double filiation: “lapis” means “stone” in Latin, and “lazuli” derives from the word “azul”, which means “blue” in Arabic.

Jewelry in various shapes and styles

Lapis lazuli jewelry comes in earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, medals...
Lapis lazuli is often cut in polished cabochon or presented in plate. Many jewelers and goldsmiths also offer it with a cut in facets, or in pearls of various diameters. It adapts to the frame offered to it, which it illuminates thanks to its deep shine. The stones discovered rarely exceed 15 carats.
This semi-precious stone is traditionally associated with white metals, whose light color enhances its bluish shine. You can easily find a ring, a bracelet, earings, a necklace, a pendant with silver or white gold chain adorned with a lapis lazuli. This stone is also highlighted on jewelry in yellow gold, pink gold or vermeil.
Jewelers sometimes combine lapis lazuli with other semi-precious stones, including turquoise with which it goes perfectly. You will sometimes find it, in certain creations, in association with diamonds or a selection of other precious or fine stones. In beads, lapis lazuli can be used to make bracelets and necklaces. Its deep blue suits both a man and a woman.

At min&ral joaillerie, you will find Lapis-Lazuli in many of our lines. Whether you bet on a lapis lazuli necklace, like the Eclipse Lapis Lazuli necklace, on PI Lapis Lazuli Medal or on the cord bracelet Bestouan Lapis-Lazuli, each of these creations embody the profound elegance of this natural stone.

The virtues and symbolism of genuine lapis lazuli

These unique blue semi-precious stones are also famous in lithotherapy and are granted many virtues. Aphrodisiacs for the Romans, they are a symbol of optimism and self-confidence, liberating and facilitating communication and expression. They also bring inner peace, relax and help fight against stress. They would also relieve migraines and sleep disorders.
This stone has symbolized protection and courage since time immemorial. It is also traditionally offered on the occasion of the 56th wedding anniversary to the woman, to celebrate the "lapis lazuli wedding".

How to recognize a lapis lazuli jewel?

A beautiful blue tint is not enough to ensure the authenticity of a lapis lazuli. Other minerals, such as sodalite, can offer a similar color. It is also possible to artificially dye certain stones to offer a similar blue. To ensure the authenticity of your stone, you can check for the characteristic presence of white veins or golden chips of pyrite.
Lapis lazuli has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale. The passage of the blade of a knife on your stone leaves a fine scratch on the authentic stones. You must keep in mind that your jewel will bear the marks of this test, and only perform it knowingly.
The too low selling price of a jewel can also be an indicator. A necklace, an earring, a pendant, a medallion or a bracelet presented as being made of lapis lazuli and sold for a handful of euros is more likely to be adorned with counterfeit stones.
The choice of a reputable jeweler is also a guarantee of quality. For example, on this page we offer you only natural and authentic stones, of which we guarantee the origin.

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