Green stone jewelry

The green stone: luck or curse? `

Produced from the mixture of the primary colors yellow and cyan, green is located on the border between cold and warm color. The Egyptians were the first to obtain green using the mineral pigment Malachite. Sometimes perceived as a nuance with a positive connotation, sometimes as a negative symbol, green has long been the subject of a good number of ambivalences.

Today, it is no longer jealousy, poison, or greed that are associated with it, but balance, health, luck and calm. Having become the color of mother nature par excellence, green evokes nature, freshness and ecology. It is a hue that primarily signifies growth, vitality, renewal and restoration of depleted energy, eliciting a sense of well-being. In Feng Shui, green is a symbol of rebirth and transformation and it allows the maintenance of loving and friendly ties.

Studies have shown that greenery, green environments, inviting rest, reduce fatigue. Thus, green is often called upon by chromotherapists to treat ailments. It is even attributed, in lithotherapy, the soothing and relaxing virtues and properties for which green stone is renowned. It would balance the mental energies, emotions and physical feelings of the woman or man who wears it. A bearer of hope, green stone is recommended in lithotherapy to regain self-confidence and stability.

At min&ral joaillerie, green natural stones are available in a palette of varied tones and symbols through our Les Précieuses, Céleste and Bestouan collections.

You will find bright green with the Chrysoprase stone – a mix of love and sweetness – with the Galet Chrysoprase medallion. The turquoise green, specific to Amazonite, would amplify the regenerative effects of the green color. You can wear this shade by betting on the Bestouan ring or the Céleste necklace.

Finally, tsavorite – a stone recognized for its power of regeneration and growth – is subtly placed on our Ampersand medallion, combined with yellow and gray recycled gold.

What associations with a jewel in green stone?

A soft and soothing shade, green is a relatively easy color to combine. The mixtures of green and blue shades are a very happy alliance, like an association between acid greens and bluish greens. The combination is also particularly successful with warm tones, such as brown, ocher and beige, as with the Soleil Nacre Jaune or PI Tiger's Eye medallions. You will achieve a harmonious combo, where green minerals and natural tones will sublimate each other.

Borrowed from nature, the palette of shades of natural min&ral jewelry stones is wide: from deep blue dressed in golden sparkles to pastel blue, passing through the matte black or even the pristine white adorned with pearly reflections... Discover them and choose which stone will make you take on colors!

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